Thursday, March 27, 2014

Work and Thoughts

I continue to work on these symmetrical pieces. Since the way my pieces develop is very gradual, with many layers of collage, then paint, then wax and over again; my thoughts wander.  An artist is continually making decisions in the process of making, but also I find myself thinking about what prompted me to work with these shapes - and as I work and think, my intent strengthens and an explanation emerges.  

I wanted to work symmetrically as a start, and find the ideas and uses of the Rorschach ink blots intriguing, so mimicking those shapes was my start. Personal identity has become the central concept of this work.  I'm enjoying thinking too of the BuzzFeed tests - "WHO ARE YOU?".  Something has made those tests a national addiction and they seem to be based on random choices -  such as which picture do you like best? 

Am I making work which reflects the following facts?  I'm southern, female, right-handed, and white.  Maybe.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing these pieces at Mica! Will you bring any of your jewelry?
    Deana Blanchard, Mica member

    1. Thanks Deana! I had not planned to bring jewelry, but I will plan to.