Wednesday, March 12, 2014

More Paint

I'm using oil sticks (R&F) to further enhance the symmetrical paintings here.  Notice some of my marking tools include old kitchen and sewing tools.  Anything to make an interesting mark - (I have some favorites). 

And, I'm still hoping to use some of the building plans for my large triptych.  It's possible that staining the paper with watercolor will relax the paper fibers and make it more receptive to the wax.  Fingers crossed.

Maybe this is a good place to mention the compatibility of the paint.  I am able to use any organic based paint with the encaustic - NO synthetic paint which means no acrylic.   One of the benefits of encaustic is its versatility.  I can add wax, remove, paint, wax over paint, scrape away paint, rewax and on and on.  

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