Saturday, February 15, 2014

Paint, Fuse, Scrape

Here I painted over the previous texture a dark neutral blue.  After fusing, I'm able to scrape the boards, removing the excess blue and revealing a nice, irregular grid.  This will serve as my base, I'll start building larger elements to the composition next.  I will use geometric shapes and found papers - some of those papers will be the architectural plans for the home in Linville.  

Encaustic paint consists of the usual pigments found in all paint, dissolved in beeswax with a significant quantity of damar resin.  Melted paint can be brushed or poured - I use brushes in almost all cases.  The damar resin is an important ingredient, as it lends a hardening element which cures over time.  Encaustic paintings are very stable in most environments because of this - I have had encaustic works on my own mantel this winter with gas logs burning below with no problems.  

The Fayum mummy portraits, discovered in the 1960's in Egypt are true examples of the lasting qualities of encaustic paintings.  This group of portraits dates to Coptic Egypt, 100-300 A. D. 


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