Thursday, February 13, 2014

An Unexpected Development

What's the unexpected development?  Writing a blog!  I'm not a writer, but I do see a benefit to putting down the process of my work in the studio. I am primarily a painter and encaustic is my usual choice of media, frequently with additional media mixed in.  I also make work with metal; I'll share some of that here also.  My art making practice is  intuitive - I start with a general idea, however I allow the work itself to speak to me, leading me down new paths.  This blog is a great example of a new path I felt I needed to follow.  Let's see where it goes.

 I'm working on a commissioned triptych and taking process shots as the piece develops.  The work is encaustic mixed media and the three panels each measure 30 x 48 inches. This work will hang on a beautiful, tall stone fireplace in a home near Grandfather Mountain.  The hardest part of most projects is getting started sometimes - once I begin the piece seems to roll forward - guiding me. First job; paint the edges with oil paint, and lay down several layers of fused encaustic to form a bed.


  1. Wonderful! See, you're still teaching...without the hassle of grading work! Can't wait to see how this new blog unfolds!

  2. Jane, I'm not an artist--but trying it helps the writing part of my brain! I'm so glad to see you are blogging so I can keep up with you. Enjoy!