Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Penland Fall Concentration

This piece Solitary, is encaustic, paper, oil, graphite, wire, and brads. 

I'm so happy to be teaching this fall in the Painting studio at Penland School of Crafts for the eight week concentration (September 21 through November 14).  The class Mixed Media with Encaustic will give students the opportunity to learn encaustic methods and compatible mixed media.  During the eight weeks, students will make works on paper and wood and explore a wide range of media usable with encaustic. Come enjoy Penland in the fall, we will have a blast!


  1. I was in New Bern this weekend and drooled over your encaustics at Baxter's as well as purchased one of the fofum necklaces. I may be interested in attending your Penland class in the fall. Sounds wonderful! Could you provide a link to the detailed Penland sign up info on your site please?

    1. Thank you Merlyn! Information should be found on the Penland School of Crafts website May 1st.